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Why would someone want to stay in a place that is like an organic farm? I am getting a lot of information through word of mouth about the farm stay in Pollachi, why should I leave my luxurious stay in the city and come to a semi-urban place like Pollachi? Will I at least find a resort in Coimbatore with a swimming pool?

If you have these kinds of questions, you might not have heard about the impact of lush green surrounding in a person's peace of mind and relaxation.

If you are a person who enjoys the honking sound of heavy traffic and love to get yourself exposed to the hot sun, a resort on a cool place like Pollachi very close to mother nature might not be your cup of tea.

Given a situation, where you can choose to stay in your room and view a garden and mountain where birds are chirping or keep watching the monotonous traffic on the road, especially on a Monday morning, which one would you choose?

You might have experienced the worst part of the above-said scenario, Visit us to experience the best part of living life to its core.

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